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The Assessment
After a long day all Sam wants to do is take a shower, but then she finds a depressed Colonel in the locker room...

To Mope, To Whine, To Think
Jack ponders over that one word that upset him so much. After the events of ‘Beneath The Surface’.

Urge Reveals General Oversight
Urgo is bored, and would much rather see them do something else...

In 'Watergate', Sam called Jack 'charming'. Now she has to put up with his ego.

Moments of Weakness
They are to be expected, you know. Especially after 'Beneath The Surface'.

"Ego indio yersaf."
Episode insertion and addition for 'The Fifth Race'. Jack says something and Sam has no idea what it means...until she asks Daniel.

The Vast Mattress Mountain
Jack wakes up after his 50th Birthday and discovers something interesting.

Object of Hatred
Sam's lover ponders.

R.I.B.S w/karaoke
She thought she'd sneak out without anyone noticing...fat chance.

Sharing an Enchilada
Jack gets stuck with Simmons...and learns something interesting.

Hockey, Fishing, and Sam Carter's Eyes
After Edora, Jack goes to see Daniel.

Sam makes a decision that Jack finds hard to live with. Implied rape, implied violence.

A Cure For All Ills
Jack has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Literally. Episode insertion for 'Fair Game'.

A Study of Perception
"I'm just here to listen." Sequel to 'Choiceless'. Rated R.

Things Not Done, Part 1
Jack gets himself into a whole bunch of trouble involving a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes...but all is not as it seems. Meanwhile, Sam does something but doesn't know why.
Things Not Done, Part 2
Jack meets some old friends and elsewhere, so does Sam.
Things Not Done, Part 3
Jack loses some old friends, finds one who hasn't met him before and chooses the red one. Sam, meanwhile, does the denial thing until she wises up.
Things Not Done, Part 4
Just when she thought Jack couldn't possibly get any worse...
Things Not Done, Part 5
Sam remembers, Jack explains, Janet gets tipsy, Daniel trips, and Teal'c smiles. Hammond, meanwhile, is having a hard time keeping things under wraps. INCOMPLETE

Something To Discuss
A few weeks after 'Point of View', Teal'c talks to Daniel.

Looking for Nishta in All the Wrong Places
'Seth' episode insertion. What if they hadn't been freed of the nishta's influence so quickly? What if they were still open to suggestion? What if they had been all too happy to please their God? PG-13 for language.

Poking and Prodding and Penlights and Probing
Sequel to 'Looking for Nishta in All the Wrong Places'. Seth is dead and they're back. Now Jack just has to make it out alive. PG-13 for language.

Under the Microscope
Sequel to 'Poking and Prodding and Penlights and Probing'. She can't avoid him forever...but she can try.

Fourth Time Lucky
Sequel to 'Under the Microscope'. It's happened again, but this time someone else finds out. PG-13 for language.

Anything Stupid
Sequel to 'Fourth Time Lucky'. 'Upgrades' episode insertion. They're hot, they're inebriated, and their natural abilities have been enhanced. Oh dear. PG-13.

Thirty Seconds
Sequel to 'Anything Stupid'. Sam starts having very strange dreams indeed...

Sequel to 'Thirty Seconds'. Friends can do stuff together. Right?

Feeling Feelings
Sequel to 'Unreality'. Jack begins to crack up. 'Beneath The Surface' episode addition.

Wiggling Delirium
Sequel to 'Feeling Feelings'. Jack, in a death glider, with a dwindling oxygen supply. Delirium ensues. 'Tangent' episode insertion.

Teal'c's Theory of Theralution
Sequel to 'Wiggling Delirium'. Jack is feeling depressed but doesn't have a clue as to why...until Teal'c speaks up. 'Chain Reaction' episode addition.

Light Indentations
Sequel to 'Teal'c's Theory of Theralution'. Sam *really* doesn't handle withdrawal well...'The Light' episode addition.

Bartlet for Earth, Part 1
When new President Bartlet discovers he's spending seven billion dollars on deep space radar telemetry, he wants to know why. A Stargate: SG-1/West Wing crossover.

Bartlet for Earth, Part 2
Bartlet arrives, and looks a lot shorter than anyone expected. A Stargate: SG-1/West Wing crossover. INCOMPLETE

An Uncommon Sense
Sam keeps doing something very strange indeed. An 'Entity' episode addition.

Reading Behaviour of The Jack O'Neill
Daniel discovers something worrying. A 'Red Sky' episode addition.

They Float Horses, Don't They?
Jack is being smart again, and it's freaking Daniel out. A 'Rite of Passage' episode addition. Sequel to 'Reading Behaviour of The Jack O'Neill'.

Colonel of Cunning
What can our Colonel of cunning cook up to confuse his Major? A 'Beast of Burden' episode addition. Sequel to 'They Float Horses, Don't They?'.

Hide and Sneak
Jack's stuck between a desk and a hard place...sequel to 'Colonel of Cunning'.

Memory of...
In the aftermath, Sam remembers. An 'Entity' episode addition.

Colour of Truth
Jack's still in a bad mood, and only a crafty Jaffa knows why...a 'Red Sky' episode addition. Contains swearing.

Red Tape
SG-1 travel to a new planet...only to get caught up in the red tape. Humour.

No. 54
What's a man to do to pass the time when he's recently been impaled on a big spike? A 'Message In A Bottle' episode addition.

A General Meandering
With Carter & Co off world and Jack in the infirmary, George wanders the base...a 'Spirits' episode addition.

SG-1 bring the robots home...a story explaining the events between 'Double Jeopardy' and 'Exodus'.

Being Sam Carter
Jack's 'teacher' comes through the gate and wants to see the whole wide world...a sequel to 'Red Tape'.

The Closet
The title pretty much sums this one up. Set after the events of 'The Tok'ra, Part 2'.

The Calender

Weapon of Choice
Jacob arrives with a proposition, not realising the implications it could have.

Why is she clambering up on to his roof? A 'Secrets' episode addition.

Jacob's safe. So why are he and Sam depressed? A 'Devil You Know' episode addition. Sequel to 'Truths'.

Staring blindly. A 'Hundred Days' episode addition. Sequel to 'Doubts'.

Exactly the right people, at exactly the right time. A 'Shades of Grey' episode addition. Sequel to 'Things'.

Something new turns up on Jack's roof. A 'Small Victories' episode addition. Sequel to 'Dentiments'.

Jack O'Neill and the Fork of Fate
Jack finds out about nasty Dr McKay. A '48 Hours' episode addition.

Other People
He's certainly not *that* Jack O'Neill... A 'Point of View' episode addition.

There's something very odd about Carter's report...An 'Entity' episode addition.

All they can do is wait. A 'Last Stand' episode addition.

A short while alone. A 'Revelations' episode addition.

Losing Ground
Back to where we started...set after the fifth season ends, but before the sixth season starts.

Isn't That-?
Jack shares something with Carter, and receives a gift of his own. A 'Learning Curve' episode addition.

From Drink Flows Fact
Sam is forced to face something she really doesn't want to.

Taking Turns
Yet another 'Sam's confession' story. Actually, that description probably doesn't want to make you read it, does it? 'Divide and Conquer' episode addition.

The Report
Janet breaks the news to Hammond. 'Entity' episode addition.

The Article
"They can convert planets into stars. You don't think they can control the media, too?" '2010' episode addition.

Ordinary Circumstances
You get used to weird stuff happening to you off-world. But what about on Earth?

Non Omnis Moriar
A dying man. A 'Last Stand' episode addition.

Coice of Reason
The voice of Sam and the voice of reason. A 'Between Two Fires' episode addition. Sequel of sorts to 'Hide and Sneak'.

While Daniel Was Sleeping
He thought he was going okay...he was wrong. An 'Absolute Power' and 'The Light' episode addition.

Playing the Game
Playing the game has its consequences.

Hiding Away
He can have any command he wants but what he wants is something else. A 'Redemption, Part 2' episode addition.

He really has to stop touching her. A 'Descent' episode addition.

The Bombshell
The penny finally drops. A 'Last Stand' episode addition.

Drenching Your Sorrows
Jack is already feeling sorry for himself, and then the very last person he wants to see turns up. A 'Redemption, Part 2' episode addition.

Doing what he swore he never would. A 'Frozen' episode addition.

Speaking to Janet
The question she doesn't want to ask... A 'Nightwalkers' episode addition.

God Bless Jonas Quinn
The one thing that would make Jack like the new guy. A 'Nightwalkers' episode addition.

Jack's always been hard to talk to. Now he's just impossible. Set in season four, anytime after 'The Curse'.

Written Evidence
Sam's house, a letter, and an inquisitive Colonel...sequel to 'ordinary circumstances'.

The First
The one thing that changed Kanan's mind. An 'Abyss' episode addition.

It really sucks. An 'Abyss' episode addition.

Fly and Dry
Jack really should be more careful. Set after 'Descent'.

Night Watch
He wishes to hell that she'd stop doing that...a 'Shadow Play' episode addition.

Late For an Important...
Jonas is nowhere near as observant as he likes to think.

...Date That's *Never* Gonna Happen
He *still* hasn't figured it out. Sequel to 'Late For an Important...'

The Card
The thing he hasn't really been expecting arrives. '2010' episode addition.

The Inauguration
He needs to focus on something, anything else. 'Children of The Gods' episode addition.

Looking After Dad
Doing exactly what Carter asks. Sequel to 'Written Evidence'. 'Jolinar's Memories' episode addition.

Searching for peace. 'Entity' episode addition.

A Nice Place to Live
Sam finds out. A 'Cure' episode addition.

A test of new technologies leads to disaster.

A very strange occurrence in a very strange conversation. Set in season six.

This is what trying to be nice gets you...rated R.

The Perils of Kelowna Juice
Those pesky alien drinks can have very odd side-effects.

Well That Was Unexpected
Out with his team, Jack sees something hard to deal with.

The Things I Do For My Planet...
A visit to an old planet causes all kinds of trouble.

George makes the journey that has to be made.

Jack's in that 'new relationship' stage.

In the Dark
Sam and Jack in a Jeffries tube. Need I say more? A 'Prometheus' episode addition.

Oh Brother
Jack receives one hell of an unexpected phone call.

Jack's running scared. Literally.

The Seeker
No matter what he does, he just can't find her. A 'Desperate Measures' episode addition.

Two Days
Something's wrong, but she doesn't know what it is. Potential sequel to 'The Seeker'. A 'Desperate Measures' episode addition.

Something New Every Day
Jack discovers something truly shocking.

Jack and Jacob discover they have something in common. An 'Allegiance' episode addition.

Making the Man
She has to know. An 'Abyss' episode addition.

Carter's Legs
Jack has a new obsession.

Up, Up and Away
What Jack and Teal'c were doing before they found Carter. 'Prometheus' episode addition.

Same Old Sam Carter
Something's different, they just don't know what it is.

Who Nose?
Sam receives the strangest Birthday present ever.

It feels in control. 'Abyss' episode addition.

Unhappy Ever After
He's done it. He's finally done it. Now they just have to get used to this 'dating' thing...rated R.

He just has to get used to it. Sequel to 'Unhappy Ever After'.

He doesn't believe in much.

Excuses, excuses
Jack really isn't having a good time.

Chemistry 101
Dr Fraiser isn't dense, but Captain Carter might be. 'Politics' episode addition.

Living the Cliché
Just when Jack thought his life couldn't get any more screwed up...rated R.

Normal Again
Daniel has a question for Jack.

When he loves her. Drabble.

He always ends up in the same place. 'Entity' episode addition.

Holy! Matrimony
Why does it always happen to Carter? Set in season six.

He said yes. 'Frozen' episode addition.

One of those moments.

He likes it too much. 'Allegiance' episode addition.

They had a deal. Based on spoilers for 'Paradise Lost'.

Like Catnip to the Ladies
Vern's Grandma sure has some weird theories...'Sight Unseen' episode addition.

Finding Life
Just to die for a while. Future fic.

Too Much
Sam. Jack. A wall. Challenge response, rated G. Drabble.

December 23rd
It's habit. Christmas fic.

Failing to do what she asked. 'Entity' episode addition.

New Year's Eve never goes quite how you expect it.

It's easier. Sequel to 'Finding Life'.

Not a Fairytale
Why? Sequel to 'Belief'.

Expecting Mustard
Even Jack doesn't need *that* many wieners to himself...a 'Paradise Lost' episode addition.

Thank You Seem to be the Hardest Words
Sam has something she needs to say. 'Paradise Lost' episode addition.

Following Orders
The rescue. 'Paradise Lost' episode addition.

A Dead Man
Jonas is in biiiiig trouble. 'Nightwalkers' episode addition.

Making It
The journey back. Sap! 'Metamorphosis' episode addition.

Being Obvious
It's all he can do. 'Metamorphosis' episode addition.

His motivation. Drabble. 'Metamorphosis' episode addition.

This isn't one of those moments. 'Metamorphosis' episode addition. Rated R for language.

A Weapon That Kills
He has a decision to make. 'Metamorphosis' episode addition. Drabble.

This is Supposed to be a Top Secret Facility
Kinsey knows just a *little* too much. 'Disclosure' episode addition, written before the episode aired. Drabble.

Killing the Cat
It's *way* out of the bag. What now? 'Disclosure' episode addition.

Saying Nothing
The things they don't say. A 'Forsaken' episode addition.

Reading Material
Newspapers provide the most fascinating information. First in the 'Remedied' series.

Sometimes it's just that easy. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

Alpha Male eventually meets his match. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

So it's finally happened... Next in the 'Remedied' series. Rated R for sexual situations.

Without a Paddle
Breaking the news whilst breaking a sweat. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

Sam's Socks
Something else finally happens. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

A bomb has to be dropped. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

His Dad's Son
It's not really a surprise. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

Not Sam
It's not easy being The Pregnant One. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

Something wakes him up. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

Four Times Two
They deal. Or not. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

Nothing to Smile About
Jack figures something out. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

Sam makes a choice. Next in the 'Remedied' series, rated NC-17 for sexual situations.

Two Aliens and a Human
Jack drafts in the boys. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

The Night Before
Dad's in town and something *freaky* is going on. Next in the 'Remedied' series, rated R.

Getting There
Two very important phone calls. Next in the 'Remedied' series.

In the Space of a Day
It happens. Next and possibly last in the 'Remedied' series.

Something else came through. A '2010' episode addition.

A different kind of sap altogether...

Things to Think in Nowhere While You're Dead
Sam croaks. Parody.

Just where did that locker room come from, anyway? Sam/Jack, Jack/Daniel, Hammond/Jack. Parody.

Seeing but Not Believing
Jack notices. 'Prophecy' episode addition.

As a Friend
As a friend, she's needed. 'Full Circle' episode addition.

For once Jack understands the answer he gets...and really wishes he didn't. Humour.

Alien influence...or horny Major? Humour, sequel to 'UN-comfortable'. NC-17 for sexual situations.

Jackus Interruptus
He's running late...but that's probably a good thing. Sequel to 'Irresponsible'. NC-17 for sexual situations.

Jack O'Neill's Very Good Day Indeed
Jack's such a lucky guy. Parody, rated NC-17 for sexual situations.

The Birthday Present
Jack's *such* a nice guy. NC-17 for sexual situations.

Just a night at the movies...on an alien planet. Rated NC-17 for sexual situations.

Constrast and Compare
They really should do these things in private. Rated R.

Without Words
Sometimes talking really isn't necessary. Future fic.

Not Mutually Exclusive
He really *is* gonna have to talk to him...future fic.

She really was going to go eventually. Sam/Jack, Sam and Teal'c friendship. Future fic, set season seven or later.

The Elevator
Dealing or not-dealing with the kiss. 'Point of View' episode addition.

She can't type anything. Angst.

Sam can't help noticing that something's afoot...

Sam is being *so* pathetically girly. Drabble.

It's happening, now. Future fic.

Anger Mismanagement
Sam has just had enough. Future fic. Rated NC-17 for bad language (I'm taking no chances! {g}).

Not Perfect
Just once, it'd be nice if it worked.

Something to Keep the Workers Going
Something changes. 'Beneath The Surface' episode addition.

Keeping Your Hat on
Sam really needs some cheering up...humour, future-fic.

Different Things
Sometimes he wishes... Drabble.

Things We Can't
They don't need to talk about it. They never need to talk about it. 'Homecoming' episode addition.

It's a beginning. Angst, 'Heroes' episode addition.

Last Order of Business
There's just one more thing he has to do. 'Homecoming' episode addition.

Not the First Time
Daniel remembers something. 'Homecoming' episode addition.

Kinda Cute, Kinda Irritating
Jack just won't stop grinning. 'Fragile Balance' episode addition.

Things You Really Shouldn't Do in the Commissary When Your Commanding Officer is Eating Breakfast
You need any more detail than *that*?

Not Addressing It
Why talk about it, when you can talk around it? 'Fragile Balance' episode addition.

The Recording
Jack has interesting ways of saying sorry... rated NC-17 for sexual situations.

Alien rulers play the oddest games...humour. PG-13.

Because she'll always be there, smiling.

She will *not* squee. Set season seven.

Crappy Days
She has them, you know. Set season three, no spoilers.

Sometimes he doesn't need to. 'Enemy Mine' episode addition.

Afterwards, they come to see him. Set season seven.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Angst, drama.

Anything to get her back.

The Optimist
He's actually okay. 'Chimera' episode addition.

Is it worth it?

There's a lot he wants.

It's gonna take some getting used to. Future fic.

Word Mockage
Sometimes she wishes. Future fic.

Right There
Jack is *not* amused.

There are no answers. Angst, future fic.

Maybe she already has everything. Season seven spoilers, future-fic.

Red Hot Banana Love
The love a banana has for the person who eats it. Jonas/Banana, humour.

The Patient
He never was quite the person she was. 'Heroes' episode addition.

The Foot Doctor
He is so good at that. Sam/Pete. 'Chimera' episode addition.

It was never meant. Angst, set sometime after 'Chimera'.

She screams. Angst, 'Chimera' episode addition. Sarah PoV, gen.

Musical Ability
Sam can't quite believe the fact that it's come to this. Sam/McKay fic.

He still hadn't spoken.

No one's really talked to her since her Mom died. A young Sam fic.

Seeing The Light
Jack/Plant. 'Nuff said.

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