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Latest fic added March 6th, 2006.

Couldn't Wouldn't Shouldn't
Clark Kent, rebel with a cause. Or at least a motive. PG-13. May 2004.

Confessions of A Derangerous Mind
Clark got to Lex in time, but that doesn't make Lex any less crazy. AU for 'Asylum', humour, rated R. May 2004.

Things are different when he comes back. Post 'Covenant'. Rated R. May 2004.

A Simple Day
It's one moment, just like any other. G. June 2004.

The 53rd Wednesday
It was cold in Smallville, colder than it ever was in Metropolis. Angst, future fic, rated G. June 2004.

The Man With No Name
It feels a little like destiny. Future fic, first time, vaguely AU. NC-17. July 2004.

There's only one person he wants to die with. Set sometime after 'Covenant'. PG-13. July 2004.

Something Happened On The Way To The Kent Farm
"What do you mean you're pregnant?" PG-13. July 2004.

Nude Awakening
"You are so busted." R. July 2004.

Lex was happy. He should have known something was wrong. Addition to the SV book 'City'. PG-13. July 2004.

Being Friends
There are things that friends do. R. July 2004.

Luthors are not cute. Really. PG. August 2004.

The Chair
He was beginning to suspect that his fatal error had been the use of the words 'tied up'. R. August 2004.

New Habits
Lex is a scientist, after all. R. August 2004.

Fangirls and Hot Boys
Lex does not pout. PG-13. August 2004.

Clark has to do something. Set sometime after 'Covenant'. Future fic, angst. G. August 2004.

Thirty One.
The very thing that killed everyone else made him immune. AU, future fic. PG-13. August 2004.

It was Ryan's dreams that told him all he needed to know. AU, drama. Rated R. Started August 2004. INCOMPLETE. Unlikely to be completed.

It seems fitting that his first visit to the penthouse should start like this. Angst, future fic. R. September 2004.

Semi-Decent Proposal
Being in love with his arch nemesis *sucks*. Humour, future fic. R. September 2004.

There's a new secret that Lex keeps. R. September 2004.

Clark blamed it on the horny whammy. 'Heat' AU. Humour. PG-13. September 2004.

The Rut
The sigh is audible even over the phone. "No, we are not in a rut." Future fic. R. September 2004.

Random Plex Fic
He's not ashamed. Pete/Lex. R. September 2004.

Clark has always been too much of a boy scout to figure out what really needs to be done. Pete/Lex, Clark/Lex. AU, angst. R. September 2004.

The Grope of Destiny
Clark had no idea how he was going to explain *this* one. Humour. NC-17. September 2004.

Tic Tac Toe
Everything changes. AU, angst, drama. Rated R. Started September 2004. INCOMPLETE. Unlikely to be completed.

I Feel Pretty
I feel pretty, and witty, and gaaaaaaaay! Humour. PG-13. October 2004.

Clark is such a dork. Future fic, humour. PG. October 2004.

Lex is not amused. That doesn't stop Clark from feeling horny. Humour. R. October 2004.

The Best Day in The History of Mankind
Lex is good at hiding his obsessions. Ahem. Future fic, humour. G. October 2004.

Bo Knows
Jonathan tries, he really does. Future fic, humour. R. October 2004.

The Lex Protector
There is no way on Earth Lex is agreeing to this. Future fic, humour. R. October 2004.

The Pavlovian Response
Clark doesn't have a type. Really. Future fic, humour. R. October 2004.

The Trials and Tribulations of Lex Luthor
There's a lot Lex has to put up with. Future fic, humour. R. October 2004.

One day, Clark is going to kill Lex. Future fic, angst, AU. R. October 2004.

The Happy Meal
Not *again*. Future fic, humour. NC-17. October 2004.

Little Things
There are things Lex notices. Future fic. R. October 2004.

Obsession, For Lex
*Nothing* is going to stop Lex this time. Future fic, humour. R. October 2004.

A first. Future fic. R. October 2004.

Jimmy Olsen: Rent Boy
Jimmy gets a phone call he never expected. Future fic, humour. PG-13. November 2004.

It was always going to happen. Future fic. PG. November 2004.

Martha loves her son. But he's an alien. Episode addition to 'Spell'. Angst. G. November 2004.

He's really not sure what he's supposed to be understanding. Humour, romance. PG-13. November 2004.

Clark realises what Lex really said. Episode addition to 'Bound'. Angst. PG. November 2004.

The Choice
Lex makes his decision. Sequel to 'Freed'. Possibly angst. PG-13. November 2004.

Faking It
It's just as well they're best friends, really. Future fic, humour. Cliche fic! NC-17. December 2004.

Clark convinces Lex to go to the Annual Smallville Husk-Off. Future fic, AU, humour. December 2004. Part of the Lois and Clark Go To Smallville challenge.

After he's bitten, everything changes. Rated R. December 2004. Christmas present for fromward.

First Christmas
Clark and Lex exchange presents. And kisses. Schmoop, romance. Rated G. December 2004. Finale for the Clex 2004 Advent Calendar.

The Heir
Clark has spent every minute of the last eight days knowing. Angst, AU for 'Phoenix'. Rated PG. December 2004.

Clark is with him again. Sequel to 'The Heir'. Angst. Rated R. January 2005.

Some Kind of Truth
It's something he's dreamt of so many times. 'Scare' episode addition. Angst. Rated G. January 2005.

Lex will kill himself with a bomb he built five hundred and forty three years ago. AU, angst, drama. Rated R. January 2005.

Rickety Old Chair Sex
There were a lot of things Lex was willing to do with Clark, but this was unexpected. Humour. NC-17. January 2005.

Rise Again
Lex wants Clark to live more than he wants the truth. 'Phoenix' episode addition. Angst. Rated PG-13. February 2005.

Truth, Justice, and the American Gay
Martha isn't dumb, not by any means. Humour, future fic. Rated PG-13. February 2005.

He doesn't get to grieve. Angst, future fic. Rated PG-13. February 2005.

Kal suddenly hungers for lemonade. He stands out in the rain, arms spread wide and concentrates on nothing but the feel of it against his skin. Angst, future fic. Rated PG. February 2005.

They'll save their firsts for each other. Humour, future fic. Rated PG. February 2005.

The Good Dad
Jonathan loves his son, but no one could ever accuse Clark of being subtle. Humour, future fic. Rated R. February 2005.

His Girl Friday
The Year's Wildest, Wittiest Whirlwind of a Love Battle... Outrageously Racy... Sparkling... Gay! Humour, AU, future fic. Rated R. February 2005. Written for the clextheclassics challenge.

The Conquering Hero
In the battle between Kal and Clark, Clark lost. AU, angst, future fic. Rated PG. March 2005.

Inspiration for Dummies
The love of a dorky alien and his geeky best friend. Humour, future fic. Rated PG-13. March 2005.

Life With Clark
Clark's new job turns out to be greatly entertaining. Although, for Clark? Not so much. Humour, future fic. Rated G. March 2005.

Human Behaviour
Clark's initial impression of Lex could be summed up with one word: bald. AU, humour, drama. NC-17. Started March 2005. INCOMPLETE. Unlikely to be completed.

Early Morning
It's Lex leaning against the doorway, blinking slowly and looking distinctly sleep mussed. Future fic. Rated PG-13. April 2005.

Lex bought Clark *quite* the impressive gift. A 'Spirit' episode addition. Rated PG. April 2005.

The Other Half
Clark follows his gut. A 'Blank' episode addition, also AU. Rated PG. April 2005.

521 Ways
Lex hasn't tasted anything but stale air for the last sixteen years. Angst, AU, future fic. Rated PG-13. June 2005.

Changing of the Guard
Martha knows what has to be done. AU. Rated PG-13. June 2005.

The Proposal
Clark has a plan. Humour, future fic. Rated G. August 2005.

The Day Clark Was Naked
Clark has a new habit. Humour, future fic. Rated PG-13. August 2005.

Reality TV - "It's the most amazing discovery we've ever made! I mean this is bigger than Zed-PMs, the Stargate, utilising Asgard technology...this's...I mean..." Dr McKay flailed his arms around. "It's LEX LUTHOR!" SGA/Smallville Crossover. Crack fic. August 2005. INCOMPLETE

Sometimes Lana comes in useful. Angst, drama, future fic. Lexana and implied Clex. Rated PG. October 2005.

It's been years since they've had a private conversation. Angst, future fic. Rated PG. March 2006.

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