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Newest fics at the bottom. All fics Logan/Rogue unless otherwise indicated.

Up in Smoke
Yet another 'Rogue's reaction after Logan legs it' story to add to the deluge. My first X-Men fanfic. L/R. Rated G.

Without Nature's Gift, Part one
A year after the events of the movie, Logan returns. All is not well at mutant high, and just what does Jean have up her sleeve…? INCOMPLETE L/R, J. Rated PG-13.

The Teacher - Series -
In the days during Logan's recovery, Rogue's behaviour becomes unpredictable. INCOMPLETE L/L/R, J/R. Rated NC-17.
Part One - A Perfect Union
Part Two - Going Nowhere
Part Three - Heaven Scent
Part Four - With Clothes On
Part Five - Five vs. One
Part Six - The Warm-Up

A companion story to Jenn's wonderful 'A Lingering Taste'. Rogue wonders why he stays. L/R. Rated R.

Logan's School for Snugglers
Logan realises he's in deep, deep trouble. L/R. Rated R.

The Collection -
Some time after the movie, Logan learns that obsessions can happen when you least expect them. INCOMPLETE L/R, L/J friendship. Rated R.
Part One
Part Two

The Fourth Time
He may have saved her life, but he died. Again. L/R friendship/possible relationship. Rated PG.

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