by Suz

Disclaimer - yeah, Paramount.

Spoilers up to 'One Small Step'. Jenn's fault, of course. Could be a companion to Of A Man.

() indicate old memories. {} indicate recent memories.


I hated her. Her. Them.

(Flesh; pale, pallid, white, grey)

{Flesh; pale, pink, peach, soft}

They defiled me. Changed me. Changed me. I am not who I was.

(Metal; harsh, cold, defined)

{Metal; smooth, elegant}

She came. She changed everything. Everything.

Kathryn to Captain if in implication only.

("Computer, locate Captain Janeway." "Captain Janeway is in cargo bay 2." Logical. Teaching about compassion, humanity. Fucking? Probably. Another type of humanity)

{"Computer, locate Seven of Nine." "Seven of Nine is in the Ready Room." Why? They had stopped the 'talks' a long time ago. She spent her time with the Doctor, which was better somehow}

(An empty chair resting opposite; a mental image of Kathryn lifting a fork - smiling)


{An ex-Borg, lifting a fork and studying the contents dubiously - not smiling}

{"It won't bite, Seven." A tilted head. "It did once." "True, but it's dead now." A silent sigh. "Very well; although I fail to see why you are encouraging me. You are a vegetarian." "To each their own." A cocked eyebrow. "A human phrase. Humans have many phrases." "Stop procrastinating and eat the damn food." An amused expression}


("We have an alliance, do we not?")

{"A ballerina."}

I still miss Kathryn, but the...interference...has never been this good.



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