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Newest fics at the bottom. All fics Brian/Justin unless otherwise indicated.

Cigarettes and Brian Kinney
"Talk to him sometimes," Justin had said. He didn't tell her to wait. Rated R. A 513 episode addition. August 2005.

Really Not A Big Deal
You know you've reached one of those rare moments where you've Really Pissed Linds Off. A 513 episode addition. Rated R. August 2005.

Push and Pull
Someone else got hurt. A post-122 AU. Angst. Rated R. August 2005.

Sky of Blue and Sea of Green
It might be a good idea to get something that wouldn't piss Justin off this year. Humour fic. Rated R. August 2005.

Full Stop
When Justin leaves the loft the last time, it isn't because Brian won't stop tricking or because they want different things. AU, angst. PG-13. August 2005.

Better Now
The first time Justin comes back, you ignore him. Post-122 AU, possible angst. PG-13. September 2005.

Imitating Life
Brian deals, just not the same way he always has before. Post-513. PG-13. September 2005.

A Kind of Father Figure
Lately she doesn't even call before turning up. Post-513. PG-13. October 2005.

Interesting Times
A 211 AU. What if Linds had accepted the plane tickets? R. January 2006.

The Evil Ex
Gus really doesn't like Justin. Post-series, so 513 spoilers. R. January 2006.

Different When
It's different when it's Justin. Set season four. R. January 2006.

The Instant
Brian deals, or doesn't. A post-122 episode addition. Angst, PG-13. January 2006.

A Star is (Almost) Born
Oh, yeah. Blackmailing little twinks with dye bottles. AU set after season four, humour, angst. R. January 2006.

The Pink Posse never happened. This did. AU, post-513 fic. February 2006.

Truth of The Matter
More often than not he shuffles around the building, keeping to himself. Post-122 AU, implied character death. G. February 2006.

Not Enough To Come Home To
Ted's good intentions bite him on the youknowwhat. AU, post-513, Ted angst. March 2006.

Brian can't quite believe it. A season four AU where someone becomes a big success. Humour, rated NC-17. March 2006.

Identity Crisis
The first time it happened, he laughed it off. Post-513 AU, humour. R. March 2006.

"It's a miracle, that's what it is - a fucking miracle!" Post-513, angst, humour, romance. R. April 2006.

Sleeping With The Enemy
She needed a place to stay that wasn't expensive, and didn't have loving, sickening couples drooling all over each other. Post-513, so spoilers. Humour. R. May 2006.

Elasticated Pants and Other Indignities
When the bump started showing, Brian locked himself in the bathroom. Humour, mpreg. Very vague spoilers for season four. PG-13. May 2006.

Type 1
Brian never saw this one coming. Humour, angst (yeah, both *g*). Set season four. NC-17. June 2006.

Please Be Aware
Things get worse - or better ;) A sequel to 'Type 1'. Humour. NC-17. June 2006.

So Does Life
Brian's always been different when Justin's around. Post-513 future fic, death fic. PG-13. August 2006.

The Adventures of Sunshine and Sweetums
Something is *really* freaking Brian out. Post-513 future fic, humour! R. September 2006.

Molly Taylor vs The Stud of Liberty Avenue
Brian's not entirely sure how he ended up babysitting Molly. Humour, set sometime after 314. R. September 2006.

The Things I Cannot Change
There are some things Justin can change, and some he can't. An AU starting around episode 107. 183,000 words. NC-17. September 2005 - September 2006.

Cuddle vs Blow
There are some things about Justin that are just annoying. Season one fic, humour. R. November 2006.

Nom de Gus
When Gus turned six years old, he changed his name. Post-513 future fic, humour, sap. PG-13. November 2006.

It starts with a bang. An AU based around episode 510. 114,000 words. NC-17. September - November 2006.

Purl and Stitch
Two stories, joined by a common thread. Future fic, set post-513. R. December 2006.

It's not a Christmas present. Really. Season five AU, rated R. December 2006.

This Time
Not again. Set after 401; could be considered AUish. R. February 2007.

Stuck in Neutral
Justin can't paint. Brian tries to fix it. R. Future fic, set post-513. February 2007.

A Guest Starring Role
One day, Brian realises Justin is famous. AU set after season four. R. February 2007.

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