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Kathryn Janeway prayed to whatever deities that were within listening range that what she expected to see when the door to their room opened wouldn't be there. It was bad enough that they'd been informed by the Kurani in no uncertain terms that they had to share a room, but if what she suspected was there...

She and Chakotay had only been 'dating' for a month and nothing serious had happened yet.

It would be just too much of a cliché.

The door opened.

Kathryn sighed.

Apparently, her life was one big cliché.

Lavishly presented in the middle of the room was a double bed. And it wasn't a pathetic 'King Size bed' from Earth. This thing was huge.

Chakotay was grinning.

Saying nothing she forced herself into the room. There was no way she was giving him the satisfaction of letting him see how uncomfortable she was with the situation; she was going to be completely relaxed.

Dumping her small overnight bag onto the bed she investigated the rest of their suite. A bathroom with an actual bath - heaven - and a balcony with a beautiful view.

"What do you think?" She asked, forcing herself to face him.

He was tugging at an ear and studying the bed, frowning. "It's a lot more opulent than I'm used to, even for an Ambassadorial visit."

"I'm talking about the room."

"I'm *talking* about the room," he retorted, looking up at her and smiling before moving his gaze around the room. "Really, it's beautiful."

Nodding, she approached the bed and as she ignored how inviting it looked packed away the few items she had in the drawers available in the cupboard near the bathroom. In just a few minutes they both had everything away and stood next to each other, saying nothing.

Well, what to do now? The Kurani had insisted that they had to stay here tonight and the festivities would start tomorrow to celebrate their trade agreement. There didn't seem to be much to do, though. Despite the lavishness of the bed the room was pretty bare. As if the room really had only one function.

Kathryn looked towards the bed.

Chakotay rose his eyebrows.

Swivelling away from him her eyes - thank God - fell on a wooden cabinet of some kind several feet from the end of the bed. Grabbing the handle and pulling it open she frowned at the glass cubical object inside. Beside it was a piece of paper that she tried to read but it was written entirely in an alien language. Giving up she put the paper back and instead grabbed the metal oblong that was resting on the other side. The oblong had several different shaped buttons on it.

"I guess this is their version of a television..." She suggested.

"Great," he said. "Let's see what's on." Throwing himself onto the bed he lay there with his arms outstretched by his side.

Clambering onto the bed Kathryn did her best to smile but without invitation. Eager to turn away from him she faced towards the 'television' and pressed a button.


Purple flesh.

The kind of flesh the Kurani had.

Her face had never gone from white to red and back to white again so quickly.

He was utterly silent.

They watched in horrified fascination for a few seconds before her synapses finally fired and she pressed another button.

Two people were jiggling from side to side.

Another button.

Someone was grabbing-

Another button.

It made no difference. Every button she pressed produced a different version of the same thing.

He coughed. "Umm...are you going to turn if off?" He didn't sound particularly happy or disappointed at the prospect.

"I'm trying to!" She snapped, pressing yet another button. Someone sighed and someone moaned and then she realised it was herself. "How the hell do you turn it on...I mean off!" Dammit, she'd gone bright red again. Frantically pressing the buttons she cut from scene to scene but none of them seemed to be doing the trick.

"Think of it this way, Kathryn - it's interesting to learn just how the Kurani procreate. It's a little different from the way we...humans do it. The Doctor will be fascinated."

"The Doctor's not here."

"Is that a relief?"

She relaxed, feeling a little better despite the particular graphic pictures on the television. "I suppose so. I mean...at least it's just you and me here."

He nodded. "Just you and me."

Somebody moaned.

Kathryn jumped up. "Well I think I'll take a bath now-"

He was already off the bed. "I'll try and turn this thing off-"

"Good," she answered, running into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.



Chakotay had apparently not had much luck by the time she peered around the edge of the doorway, mostly dry. He was still sitting in front of the television pressing buttons and unable to locate a power source.

"Can you turn around? I need to get my night wear from the cupboard."

He looked at her as someone screamed from the television. "I've seen you in a towel before, Kathryn."

"Just do it," she pleaded.

He smiled, genuinely. "I was only teasing. Of course." Padding around on the bed he settled down facing the other direction. "Okay."

She snuck out of the bathroom, the towel she had wrapped around her doing little to preserve her modesty. Apparently the Kurani equivalent of a towel - while it did manage to get her dry - was constructed of a material that was practically see-through. Of course - her life *was* one big cliché - she hadn't noticed until it was too late.

Opening the drawer in record time she left it open as she grabbed a nightie and dressing gown and legged it back into the bathroom. "Done!" She yelled. "Thanks!"

"No problem," He responded.

When she emerged a few minutes later he'd obviously taken the opportunity to change himself as he was now dressed in a pair of black pyjamas. As for the television...he hadn't been very successful. He'd closed the cabinet but the sounds still made their way through the wood.

Chakotay shrugged. "It was all I could think of to do. I can't find a volume or off button - or even a power source - anywhere. At least this way we won't actually see it."

Heavy pants filled the air.

They both turned away from each other.

"Well I think I'm going to sleep now." Kathryn declared, switching off the light and stoically climbing onto the bed.

"Yes." He agreed in as calm a voice as he could muster. "Good idea." Picking up a pillow from the bed he threw it onto the floor.

"What are you doing?"


"Going to sleep."


"Use the bed. It's huge Chakotay. We'll have plenty of room for both of us and then some."


"Kathryn, I *really* don't think-"


"Do I have to make it an order?"

"I..." Shit "No." Retrieving the pillow he placed it back on the bed and carefully lay on his back. She had a point - there was plenty of room. They could probably share the bed all night and barely come into contact with each other. Even so they rolled away in opposite directions onto their sides.

"Well, goodnight."

"Yes. You too."

They closed their eyes.

All was blissfully silent for a few moments. For a *few* moments.

"Lachoy krej yano!"

The words emanating from the television weren't translated but there was something almost lewd about them. The woman who was speaking them - at least Kathryn thought it was a woman - was gasping in-between and growling at the same time. It sounded distinctly like...


Yes, definitely.


Kathryn got the point. Apparently the woman didn't.


Shifting, Kathryn tried desperately to ignore the moistness between her thighs as she tried to purge her mind of any lustful thoughts about her First Officer. She would *not* have sex with him.


They'd only been dating a month.


But...they'd had six years of foreplay which was enough for just about anyone.

Dammit, she couldn't do this! She had to have more control.


Kathryn whipped around only to find him already facing her and his arms went around her and hers around his and her leg wrapped around him and their mouths met and met and his hands were in her hair and over her body and hers were under his shirt and her teeth nipped his shoulder and they weren't close enough, could never be close enough and there were too many clothes, too little skin...

And it was about time.


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