On The Wooden Floor...
by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

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Nothing wrong with a holographic lover, right? Nothing wrong with a little physical release, right? Unless... Rated R.


Kathryn sighed as Michael expertly manipulated parts of her anatomy. She gasped as he moved, and her toes pointed out ballerina-style from her position on the wooden floor of the inn.

She really did have to thank Tom Paris for making Michael so very good with his hands...and that the holodeck safeties were still on so her back didn't get covered in splinters. She didn't want to explain *those* to the Doctor...

That train of thought was completely lost as he moved again and she hissed.

Oh, God...

Ah, but she'd been foolish to contemplate anything else. This was so much easier, simpler. She didn't have the time to give a sentient being the emotional commitment it would have needed. Being with a hologram was equally as satisfying - at least physically - and he had the added bonus that she could turn him off if he ever did anything that was a typically stupid male thing to do.

Of course, it helped that he was extremely well endowed (and could be modified at her own request) and seemed to have been programmed with the entire Karma Sutra library. Very help-

Oh, God...

Biting her lip, she rose her hips and-


The moment lost, she frowned.

He wasn't moving.

In fact, nothing was.

A quick look around the bar confirmed it - the wind wasn't blowing outside the window, the fire and the flames on the candles weren't caressing the walls with their warm reflections as they had been earlier. There were no sounds coming from anywhere.

Realisation managed to set in then.

"Oh fuck."

A few commands to the computer proved futile and it was then that Kathryn Janeway finally admitted there was only one course of action. Extending her arm as far to the right as possible, she stretched out her fingertips and eventually managed to reach her com badge. Tapping it, she spoke.

"Janeway to sickbay."


Luckily enough, it seemed that the doors to the holodeck were working just fine, because two minutes later the Doctor casually strolled in, medkit in hand. When he first walked into the bar he glanced about but obviously didn't see anyone as he frowned.

Kathryn sighed. "Down here, Doctor."

He looked down there. And rose his eyebrows. "Oh my."

"That's one way of putting it."

The Doctor chuckled and bent down next to her. "Well I can see your holographic friend here is putting it an entirely different way-"


"I apologise," He replied. "That was rather crass of me. Now, let me take a look..."

The Doctor 'took a look' for a good five minutes, before finally admitting defeat. "It's no good, Captain. All I can tell is that the programme has crashed, and I'm no engineer..."

Kathryn closed her eyes. "You don't mean...?"

"I'm afraid so."



"So, what's the problem Doctor?" B'Elanna asked as she arrived out the holodeck with her engineering kit.

"Oh, nothing important. Nothing disastrous," He informed her, standing in front of the doors to the holodeck, rubbing his hands together. "It just seems as if the holodeck has crashed."

Rolling her eyes, she set her kit down and started looking at the readouts on the console next to the door. "We've been having endless problems with this thing. You'd think Starfleet would build a more reliable system."

"Quite," He said distractedly.

B'Elanna frowned. "This is Tom's programme, right?"


"But he's on the bridge."


Pulling her hands away from the console, she folded her arms across her chest and smiled. "So who's in there?"

"Oh," He waved his arms about. "No one important." At her disbelieving look, he sighed. "I'd really rather not say." The truth was, if he didn't want to be decompiled he'd better not say.

"Alright," B'Elanna replied, giving in and turning back to her work.

"Can you fix it from here?" The Doctor queried, hopefully.

"I think so, if I just..." The console bleeped as she manipulated it, and a grin of triumph graced her features. "Done it! I've managed to deactivate it at least. We'll look into it further and try to see what the problem was."

"Thank you!" the EMH exclaimed even as he picked up the engineering kit, flung it into her arms, and herded her into the turbolift. "We appreciate all you've done."

"No prob-" She responded as the closing 'lift doors cut off her words.

Several minutes later, Kathryn Janeway emerged from the holodeck, fully dressed but with an obvious limp.

His face transformed into a display of compassion and he held her arm. "Captain, are you okay?"

"I'll be...fine," Janeway responded, leaning one hand against the side of the corridor as she walked. Well, waddled. "It's just been a while. And I didn't expect it to last a while, either." She chuckled at her own joke, then groaned.

"Would you like anything for the pain?"

Janeway pulled away from him and continued her slow progression. "No Doctor, thank you. I'll be fine. I'll just make my own way to my quarters..."

She quite clearly wanted to make her journey back alone, so her let her go.

Poor woman, he mused. She finally develops an intimate relationship with someone, and he's too emotionally frozen to get anywhere.

Chuckling, he turned away.


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