Lieutenant Commander Tuvok
by Suz

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Follows on from The Healer.


"Here he is!" exclaimed Tom Paris as B'Elanna practically pushed the next speaker into the rapidly filling room.

He stumbled in before quickly regaining his composure. "I fail to see the point in repeating the events I witnessed-"

"It will get us the isotopes we need. Besides, you told me before."

"Yes. But that was only after you managed to trick me into telling you."

Tom grinned as he turned back to face the rest of his audience. "And I can tell you, that was not easy. Vulcan's are notoriously's not easy to trick them."

Sulak smiled in response, his white head reflecting the small light hanging from the ceiling. "Please...tell us the rest of the story...what should I call you? Pointy ears?"

Tuvok's eyebrows rose to new heights. "I am Lieutenant Commander Tuvok."

"Very well, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok. Take a seat and tell us your tale."


After completing my shift on the bridge, I left it in the hands of Lieutenant Paris who had just reported for duty. I noticed that he seemed happier than usual. I reported all systems as normal, then proceeded towards my quarters for a planned meditation and then some sleep. This required that I pass the Captain quarters on deck two, but upon doing so I found myself entangled in what humans would class as an embarrassing situation.

I had just walked passed the entrance to the Captains quarters when I head a noise. Unable to identify the sound I paused mid-stride to concentrate and try to decipher it. Crewman Dalby then walked toward me from the other end of the corridor. His expression was curious, undoubtedly wondering why I was standing in the middle of the corridor. Nonetheless he greeted me and continued walking. He did not leave in time to escape hearing the noise when it sounded again, and he froze when he heard it.

I recognised what it was now.

A moan, and it was obviously emanating from the Captains quarters.

Slowly, Dalby turned to face me with an expression of surprise and amusement on his face. He opened his mouth to make a comment but I interrupted before he could.

"As you were Crewman."

His mouth clamped shut and his body whirled as he turned to walk away. I observed as he left the area, wondering if the shaking of his shoulders was caused by the pounding of his feet as he walked or by suppressed laughter. I had the uneasy sensation that it was the latter.

Another moan emerged from her quarters, and at the sound I decided something had to be done. I did not know for certain if Dalby would inform the others of what he had heard, and in case he did I not I needed to make sure that no one else did. Quickly moving from my position in the corridor, I entered the Mess Hall next to the Captains quarters. No one was there, which was a desirable situation. I had been concerned that anyone sitting in there might have heard the noise.

Leaving the room, I considered my next course of action. I could stand guard outside her quarters and tell anyone who approached to leave, creating some security procedure that required everyone to leave. I did not perceive this as a lie. Just an exaggeration.

Or I could speak to the Captain directly and inform her of my concerns. Although I did not think they would appreciate being interrupted in what was clearly a private moment, I saw little recourse. This method would certainly be a more effective and permanent solution.

Walking towards the entrance to her quarters, I did not hesitate as I pressed the button requesting entry.

Approximately one minute later, the doors opened and Captain Janeway greeted me as she hastily fastened her robe. The loose knot complete, she brushed a hair out of her eye. "What can I do for you Tuvok?"

"I apologise for interrupting, but may I come in Captain. It's a rather delicate matter."

She looked briefly concerned but invited me in. "I hope you don't mind Chakotay being here."

At her words I turend to see him sitting on a chair, dressed in a robe himself. I nodded at him. "Not at all Captain. In fact this concerns both of you."

Captain Janeway moved over to the Commander and rested on the arm of the chair he was sitting on. They looked very comfortable sitting so close to each other.

"Chakotay was just giving me a back rub."

"I see. I believe that explains the noises I heard."

"Noises?" asked Commander Chakotay, apparently amused.

"Yes," I answered, beginning to become slightly uncomfortable "as I passed your quarters Captain, I heard you...moaning."

Her eyes widened and her hand rose over to her mouth. She must have been aware how the sounds could be perceived if taken out of context. "Oh God," she mumbled through her hand "I had no idea I was so loud." There was something in her eyes however, that led me to believe she was being insincere. I watched with fascination as she lowered the hand and turned to face the Commander. "It's your fault Chakotay, for having such talented hands."

He shrugged guilelessly. "The way I see it, it's *your* fault for asking for the back rub."

"Give me a break, alright? It has been...what? Five years since my last one?"


"Exactly." The Captain then sighed dramatically and turned back to me. "I apologise Tuvok, and I will attempt in the future to keep my moans to a minimum."

"Thank you Captain," I replied, somehow thinking that I was being mocked.

Saying my farewells, I turned and left the room, certain that I heard laughter follow me as I went.


"Well, if you will excuse me, I need to report back to Voyager and take command of the bridge."

Sulak reached out a hand and touched Tuvok's forearm. "Wait! What about the rest of the story?"

Tuvok pulled his arm away diplomatically. "I have told you what I saw." He then stood and walked out, much to the disappointment of those waiting.

"Don't worry about Tuvok," Tom said "he just takes a while to warm up to people."

Sulak chuckled, then spoke. "Well then Red Lieutenant, who's next?"


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