The Admiral
by Suz

Kashyk stayed aboard Voyager and made it home with them...but that doesn't mean he's a good boy.

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And the unlikely couplings continue...


"At which point Captain Janeway invited you to stay aboard Voyager?"

Kashyk smiled and looked at the man who was glaring down at him. "That's right." The Devore was seated in a small room with no other furniture. The only other occupant was the Admiral who seemed to delight in questioning him. Kashyk was not unnerved or even unsettled by the experience; it was a situation he was experienced in. True, the situation was usually reversed but beggars - as the humans liked to say - couldn't be choosers.

"And you said yes?"

"Of course. It seemed...the logical thing to do," Kashyk smiled again but the Admiral seemed not to get the joke, so he continued. "I needed a ship that could move quickly and I knew could defend itself. Voyager had survived over four years in an unknown quadrant of space. I concluded that they'd be able to do the job."

"I see," was the grey-haired mans only response, aside from tapping the PADD he held in one hand on the other. "During your time on Voyager you had free reign throughout the ship?"

"Mostly," he nodded. "Access to the computer systems was restricted of course, but the Captain was hoping that eventually I'd become a full member of the crew. Of course, then we found the wormhole and that put an end to her plans. Instead I ended up here, in a small room with a man who seems to be physically unable to stop glowering at me."

The glower intensified. "You are not being singled out Mr Kashyk, if that is your...concern. Every member of the Voyager crew is being questioned."

"But especially those who joined in their little journey along the way, yes? I imagine Mr Neelix is having a hell of a time right now, regaling the Admiralty with recipes for every Delta Quadrant food source they came upon."

The Admiral ignored him and instead asked his next question. "Did you have any interaction with Ensign Tom Paris?"

The Devore was not surprised at all by this line of questioning. He had even expected it. It was something he had been warned of by the crewmember in question. "Yes, yes I did. A great deal of interaction," he finished, deliberately leaving the Admiral with an opening.

He took it.

How predictable.

"What kind of interaction?"

Sighing dramatically, Kashyk absently rubbed the side of his nose. "He was quite upset, you understand. His lover and he had just had another of what he described as 'a gut-busting argument', and they'd gone their separate ways. He wanted some kind of distraction; I helped."

The PADD snapped into pieces between the Admirals hands. His face had turned red and absolute fury reflected in his eyes. "You fucked him," he stated, unemotionally.

Kashyk shrugged. "I don't know why you appear so concerned. I'm not the only man who fucked him."

Blood started to drip from Owen's hand, but he didn't move. "What are you talking about?" he whispered, as if unable to believe what he was hearing.

"I knew that when we had sex it wasn't his first time with a man. I asked him who he'd been with before and he told me. Although perhaps 'been with' is probably not the correct phrase. As I understand it, it wasn't his choice."

"Are you threatening me?"

Laughing, Kashyk shook his head. "Not at all. What you do is...what you do. I'm merely amused by you."

"How so?" Owen asked, wiping his blood soaked hands on the side of his uniform.

"You should probably get those seen to," Kashyk advised before continuing. "And as for being amused by're fascinated with me, Admiral. Perhaps it's something in my eyes. Perhaps it's my voice. Perhaps it's the kind of voice you could spend your nights listening to. Perhaps that's why we're alone in here when Starfleet regulations state at least two officers should be present when someone is being questioned."

"How did you-"

"Perhaps you're annoyed that your son got to fuck me first."

"Wait a minute-"

"No, I don't think I will. You're in here with me, alone. I'm willing to bet this room has no recording devices of any kind. I know what you want."

The Admiral regained his brashness, folding his arms over his chest in a way that seemed extremely familiar. "Really? Aren't you getting a little egotistical?"

Standing, the Devore matched his pose. "No, I'm not. But first...clean up your hands. I like blood the same as anyone, but we'll just get that everywhere." He nodded his head, once. "You understand."

The Admiral smiled. "Better than anyone."


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