Out of 10
by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

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"So Seven, what would you rate it?"

Seven considered the Holographic Doctor's words carefully, as she always did. Especially about this subject matter. While she still had minimal experience herself, she did find it...fascinating. It was so very different from how the Borg procreated.

An answer formed perfectly and precisely in her mind. Opening her mouth, she spoke perfectly and precisely. "Given the parameters you showed me earlier, and the current situation - they have not been romantically involved previously and they are unaware that they are being observed - I would rate it as a six out of ten."

An observer on the other side of the table snorted loudly.

Sniffing almost loudly, the Doctor haughtily studied Mr Paris whose expression matched the meaning of the snort that escaped him a moment ago.

After regarding Paris disdainfully, the Doctor moved his gaze on to Ms Torres and Mr Kim who were sitting on opposite sides of Mr Paris.

"And I suppose you three would like to offer your own opinions?"

Leaning forward as if he had been waiting for just this opportunity - which he almost doubtless had - Tom spoke. "Well think about it Doc, Seven. Yes, it's their first kiss. They're certainly not always going to be perfect. But six *years*..." He shook his head as he emphasised and B'Elanna and Harry silently nodded their agreement in unison. "Six *years* of foreplay, of tension, of unresolved feelings...we just expected more." Again, B'Elanna and Harry nodded their agreement.

Seven thought over his words. "Very well, Ensign. What would *you* rate the kiss?"

A team huddle occurred then, as the three of them leant towards each other. Nothing much could be deciphered aside from a few beeps on PADDs that they apparently had on their laps until now. A few murmurs and moments later they broke apart, each of them lifting a PADD upward.

Raising his eyes, the Doctor looked from PADD to PADD, reading what had been typed in.







Seven spoke over their sniggers. "Doctor..." She began, nodding towards the couple they had been observing.

A few jaws dropped in surprise.

The Doctor smiled smugly. He knew they had it in them. "Well, what would you rate that one?"

Seven nodded her appreciation without realising she was doing so. "10."

More murmurs. More beeping. Until they lifted their arms once more to display the same number blinking on every PADD:



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