A Mixture of Responses
by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

Disclaimer - Heyyy-yah!

Short and extremely silly. And I'm not willing to say that any of these characters would act in this way.


When Kathryn Janeway set her mind to something, Chakotay never really believed that she was going to change it. He had to check, though. Had to make sure that this was really what she wanted to do.

"You're sure?"

Turning to look directly at him in the cramped confines of the turbolift she smiled with pure bravado, trying to hide the apprehension in her eyes. "Positive. This has been coming for long enough."

He thought so too. He'd thought so for months. "Good."

At her request he'd convened a meeting of the senior staff and by now they would all be in the briefing room, waiting with curious questions as to why they'd been called together so urgently.

The 'lift stopped and the doors opened. Kathryn didn't hesitate, pounding out of the turbolift in full military stance.

Chakotay smirked.

Nodding a greeting to Ayala they then walked into the briefing room. He let her go first, of course. He'd probably get trampled if he tried to get in front.

As expected they were all there looking curious and a little wary.

Immediately the hands went up on the hips. She hadn't done it that severely for years.

Coming to a halt by her usual seat, she surveyed the crew members present as Chakotay stood comfortably next to her.

Kathryn spoke, almost sternly. Chakotay was afraid she was going to snap something.

"Thank you all for arriving so promptly. The Commander and I have something we need to tell you. It is something we have debated in great detail and has been on our minds for several months now..." She began to falter, and Chakotay touched her back to lend his support.

Clearing her throat, Kathryn continued. "This will probably affect everyone on board Voyager in some way or another, but I know that you can act professionally about this situation."

He noticed a few upturned lips on a few faces in anticipation of what she was going to announce.

Finally, taking in a deep breath, she blurted it out:

"We're going to space the entire leola root stock."

A mixture of responses.

Yells of joy.

Sighs of disappointment.

A hyperventilating Talaxian.

A deep growl of "Kathryn..."

Throwing her hands up in the air, she gave up. "Fine! Chakotay and I are lovers everyone, have been for the past four months and the sex is glorious."

A mixture of responses.

Yells of joy.

Sighs of disappointment.

A hyperventilating Vulcan.

A deep growl of "It's about time..."

Then a general consensus that now was a good time to read because suddenly nearly everyone had a PADD in their hands.

"What...?" Chakotay asked, then didn't need an answer as those who had PADDs slid them dramatically over to Tom Paris who smiled greedily. "Let's see...that's an extra twenty credits...oo I can replicate a romantic dinner with that one..."

The only crewmember who didn't slide over a PADD was Commander Tuvok. As the excitement of the revelation began to wear down, he eventually stood.

"If the Captain no longer requires my presence, I shall be on the bridge," He declared and at her nod proceeded towards the exit, barely pausing as he dropped his own PADD next to Mr Paris.

"Oo...now I can get that limited edition print I always wanted..."


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