Mens Shirts, Short Skirts
by Suz

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1 cliché + 1 cliché =


She loved the smell of Chakotay in the morning.

Not his breath, obviously, but that didn't matter because he had already left his quarters so it wasn't a problem. She was alone in his bed, gloriously so.

In her mind, Chakotay was much too big. She liked to stretch out and take up as much room as possible, but whenever she shared a bed with him she'd inevitably end up kicking him in the shin or somewhere else close-by that was very painful. He'd been really quite sweet about it at first; teetering on the edge of the mattress to give her as much room as possible, scrunching all his body parts together so she could move more. By now, though, he'd had enough and had politely told her to "stuff it".

Oh well.

She had his bed to herself now.

Yawning loudly on her back, Kathryn stretched her appendages as far as they could go until her fingertips were stretched out and her toes were pointing towards the opposite wall. Satisfied, she let her muscles relax and turned over onto her stomach and sank her head onto his pillow.

There it was. She inhaled deeply. His bed always smelt of him, no matter how much he changed the sheets. It was musky - such a cliché but it was - but it was a scent she couldn't identify. She wasn't sure that she wanted to identify it, as if knowing would somehow spoil it, as if the knowledge would cause her to loose some of the magic of the mystery surrounding him.

Not that there was a great deal of mystery to him anymore. Not through her eyes. But she liked to retain some of the surprises. It kept things 'interesting'.

Pulling the covers up over her bare shoulders she snuggled closely into them, cozy and warm. She didn't even want to think about the work she wasn't doing today. When the Doctor had ordered - ordered! - her to take some time off, holographic or not he had just about had a coronary when she agreed. She laughed to herself at the memory of their conversation, glad that no one was there to witness the moment of insanity, then she quickly reversed that view, wishing she could have a good laugh with Chakotay about it.

Kathryn stole a look at the chronometer she had been studiously avoiding. Eight hours. That's the time she had to kill. Not long at all.


After a while of lying in his warm bed Kathryn felt she began to know what it was to be a lizard on a rock or a cat lying in a sliver of sunlight. She really didn't want to move but she really should. It was much too warm here, much too comfortable. She really should do something constructive...

She woke up two hours later.

Ashamed of herself but unable to stop grinning she slowly pulled the covers aside and sat naked on the edge of his bed. Looking for something to wear her eyes fell on one of her favourite objects of clothing. Evidently he had picked it up after the 'incident' last night because it was now folded neatly and resting over the back of a chair.

Standing up to reach it, she paused briefly as a wave of dizziness overtook her. Kathryn tutted to herself. That was her own fault. She'd been lounging around for hours, doing nothing. She really shouldn't have stood up that quickly...

When she could focus again she marched over to the chair and picked up his shirt. It was a favourite of hers, similar in design to the one he'd been wearing when they'd first met. Who would have thought that years after they first met that she'd be puttering about naked in his quarters?

Not Kathryn Janeway, that's for sure.

Unfolding the shirt by shaking it she pulled it over her head. When it was on it reached mid-way down her thighs which she had always thought was an attractive length for a shirt.

After making a half-hearted attempt to make the bed (it was going to get messed up later anyway, so why bother?) she headed over to the replicator and ordered something that would have given Chakotay a coronary if he had been here.

"Tea. Camomile. Luke warm."

She really didn't feel like having coffee all the time.

Picking up the warm cup she wrapped both hands around it and began sipping at the liquid.

Sighing happily she decided to start a little expedition. It was a journey she had taken many times before but it never ceased to hold her interest.

Kathryn began exploring the territory that was Chakotay's quarters.

He had a fair amount of personal items now, objects he had amassed on his time on Voyager. After his ship had been destroyed all he'd had were the clothes on his back and the medicine bundle he'd asked B'Elanna to take over to Voyager with him before he'd made his suicide run. Everything else had been lost.

There was his chair with the native design. Extremely useful for more than just sitting.

His collection of stones from every planet he had visited. She remembered one time when they had inadvertently knocked them over and had been unable to continue because each time they moved one of them would get a body part stuck on a rock. Kathryn rubbed her rear at the memory.

A sand painting in progress. This one looked like it was going to be a horizon, but was that just a few errant grains of sand, or was that a monkey..?

A few plants that they had learned a long time ago to move before they had any fun.

His medicine bundle, sitting in a drawer next to hers. And in the drawer below that, several pieces of paper on which were written words she didn't understand. She had asked him about them, once, and he'd told her that it was his diary and as such, he wrote it in a different language to keep it 'private'. Frankly, Kathryn couldn't see the point as anyone could type the words into a padd and get them translated. And actually, someone had.

Namely her.

Well, alright. Namely Neelix. Kathryn had *far* better things to do than type up all those pages but the Talaxian was always eager for some responsibility. After he had completed his task Neelix had informed her very enthusiastically that there was nothing to interest her. Just a description of an average day on Voyager. Nothing she needed to read.

Kathryn doubted that.

But she had *far* better things to do than check for herself.

Like taking a shower, for instance.

And if she used up Chakotay's water supply, she got to save on her own. She'd been a fool to wait as long as she had done.

After a long, luxurious shower in which her fingers and toes began to shrivel up like prunes, Kathryn started thinking about how she would greet Chakotay when his shift ended. He would have had a very busy day what with her lounging about doing nothing. She wasn't going to apologise for that, but she was going to treat him this evening.

Spending several hours going through the ships database and drinking more cups of tea, Kathryn eventually found and replicated all the items she needed.

That was when the door beeped. Frowning, she glanced at the chronometer. Chakotay wasn't due back for another hour yet. And after her shower she had just thrown the shirt on again so that was still all she was wearing...she shrugged. It was her day off. Clutching her cup and turning away from the console to face the door, she called for the visitor to enter.

The door whooshed open to reveal the EMH, who didn't seem the least bit fazed by her appearance. He was carrying a med-kit. "Captain."

"Doctor. How can I help you?" She stood, sipping from her cup.

"Actually, I should be the one to ask that question." He laughed merrily. "I thought I'd save you a trip to sickbay and bring you this now." He lifted his arm slightly, indicating the med-kit, before placing it down on the table.


"Well, we all remember the incident that occurred the last time your shift finished before his and you were waiting in his quarters for him..."

"Oh...I see..." she stated, sounding carefree and trying not to blush. "Thank you."

"Of course," he continued "this just contains a medical tricorder, hypospray and a dermal regenerator. If anything extremely painful...'happens' will still have to bring him to sickbay."

"Yes, okay Doctor, thankyouforyourvisit."

She had him out of the room in three seconds.


Shaking her head, she deposited what was left of her drink in the replicator and set about getting ready.


Several hours later they were snoozing in bed together, but a crease in Kathryn's Incredibly Short Skirt (TM) was digging in the most uncomfortable place. Half-waking up, she tugged at the skirt but unfortunately was a bit too close to the edge of the bed.

Falling off the mattress with an undignified 'thump', she then continued with an equally undignified comment. Pulling herself up, she blew a strand of hair out of her eye as she glared at Chakotay.

"That's it Mister! You're getting a bigger bed and *that's* an order!"

Chakotay merely closed the one eyelid that had opened and snored dramatically.


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