by Suz

Very short story, for the groupies of the Kashyk list, especially Katie for doing a stupid thing and inspiring me when I'm suppose to be getting dressed and going to work...and you probably won't get the title reference if you're not on the list. But what the hell??

Disclaimer - uh hu.


Kathyn prowled towards Kashyk, her mind intent on only one thing. She watched as he watched her; the humour in his eyes, the smug grin on his mouth. She was going to remove both of those, if only temporarily.

Stopping in front of him she lifted an arm and rubbed the side of his face with the back of her hand, giving the illusion that she was planning something gentle, expected. As she saw those thoughts running through his mind, she lowered her hands and grabbed his shoulders. Then, with all the strength she had, Janeway slammed Kashyk against the wall and kissed the hell out of him.

It took her all of two seconds to realise he wasn't responding.

And as his body crumpled to the ground, then another two to realise what was wrong.

She sighed. "Janeway to the Doctor."

"Go ahead."

"Doctor, can you report to Kashyk's quarters please? I think he may have a concussion."

Dammit, Kathryn, be gentle. Be *gentle*. How many times did she have to tell herself that?


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