It's Your Own Fault
by Suz

Hee hee hee....I had fun writing this one.

Warning: no real plot, just J/C. I can guarantee that we'll never see *this* on the show <eg>.

Disclaimer - Paramount own all characters and starships in this story. I'm just borrowing them for a while...


She fought the urge to tap her foot and ended up tapping her fingers on the arm of her chair. He noticed and gave her a small smile. Disconcerted by the affect the smile was having on her she shifted about in her chair trying to get comfortable. *Only three minutes to go* she thought. Only three minutes and Tuvok would arrive to relieve her of duty and she could do what she'd been wanting to do for the past eight hours.

Chakotay's examination of her was not helping matters at all. She crossed her legs, then re-crossed them the other way. What annoyed her the most was that he seemed completely unaffected, although she knew from experience that sometimes he could hide it quite well.

*Stop looking at my hair* she thought, and whipped her head around to catch him staring. He didn't look the slightest bit surprised that he'd been caught. In fact he looked downright happy. *Two can play at that game*.

She smiled at him seductively and his eyebrows rose as he wondered what she was up to.

Kathryn sighed innocently and leant forward in her chair, feigning interest in the image of the starfield on the viewscreen.

He nearly jumped out of his seat when her hand touched his thigh.

Quickly withdrawing it she asked, "Is something wrong Commander?"

He struggled to think of a reply. " Not at all Captain. My leg jumped, that's all. I don't think it's been getting enough exercise lately."

Oh he left himself wide open for that one. She couldn't help herself.

"Then perhaps you should make sure that you get some more exercise *soon* Commander. I like my crew to be in excellent physical condition. As my.....First Officer, you should be aware of that."

She was going to pay for that one.

"Yes Ma'am."

Bracing himself for what he knew was going to come next, he managed to keep himself under control as her hand touched his leg again.

Slowly she continued her exquisite torture and moved her hand up his thigh.

As her hand came closer to its target he finally couldn't take it anymore. Whacking his hand down on top of hers, he tried to control his ragged breathing.

Kathryn smiled. As if that was going to stop her. Moving her fingers under his hand, she started massaging the side of his thighs with her fingertips.

He instantly released her hand when the turbolift behind them swished open and Tuvok stepped onto the bridge. Kathryn's was just as fast as his, but there was nothing on the bridge that escaped the attention of the Vulcan.

Kathryn stood, trying to ignore her rapidly accelerating heart beat. Chakotay was doing much the same, but didn't stand for obvious reasons.

"Lieutenant," Kathryn greeted eagerly. "nothing to report. All systems are functioning and it's been a relatively quiet shift."

Tuvok nodded. "I relieve you."

"I stand relieved." she replied. It was a bit of a formality, but Kathryn didn't mind using it if it kept Tuvok happy - if happy was the right word.

As nonchulantly as possible she turned to Chakotay. "Commander, would you care to join me?"

"Aye Captain." he replied as he stood, letting her see how she had affected him. Quickly she stood between him and the rest of the crew, conveniently blocking his body from their line of sight until they got into the turbolift.

As soon as the doors closed she'd barely gotten the words "Computer halt turbolift" out before his mouth was devouring hers. She was practically thrown against the turbolift wall but she honestly didn't care; she was too busy reveling in the sensations passing through her body.

She leant her head back, eagerly allowing him access to her mouth. Running her hand down the side of his body, she grabbed his buttocks pulling him even closer. He groaned slightly and broke the kiss. She frowned in disappointment. He rested his forehead on hers and licked his lips, clearly trying to gain control.

Finally he opened his eyes, his desire plainly evident.

"You," he whispered "are...."

"Trouble?" she volunteered impishly.

He smiled, and some of the tension left his body.

"Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of sexy." He kissed her nose. "Incredible." Her eyelids. "Sensual." Her forehead. "Frustrating." He placed several small kisses against the side of her neck and she shivered.

Lastly, he said "Evil." and kissed her mouth.

They were back where they started, both of them straining against each other to leave as little room between them as possible. Her arms wrapped around his body, and his hands pushed her head towards his.

Eventually it was she who broke the kiss, and rested her head against his chest. Her breath coming in short bursts, she asked "How long now?"

"Only a week." he replied, kissing the top of her head.

"A week?" she wailed. "How can I last a week?"

His arms contracting around her. "Hey, it's your own fault."

She looked up at him. "My fault? How?"

"Well it was your idea."

"No it wasn't." she objected. "I merely voiced the opinion that it would be interesting to see if we *could* wait until our wedding night. I didn't actually *mean* it. I thought it was what you wanted."

"You don't want to wait?"

"No. Or did what just happen not give you any clue?"

He smiled, and as she observed his smile got bigger and bigger. She knew exactly what he was thinking and smiled as well. "Computer," she ordered "Captains' quarters."

The tension built with every second that passed. When they left the turbolift she was sure whoever used it next would be assaulted by left over hormones.

They practically ran along the corridor towards her quarters holding hands.

They only slowed down slightly when they encountered another crewman, but both had smiles on their faces so big it was obvious what they were planning to do.

Finally they entered her quarters and he turned her around with one hand, her hair flying out of it's clip. She had an extremely amused smile on her face. He stepped towards her, until they were toe to toe.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Oh nothing," she replied. "I just think I'm about to have an extremely good time."

And she did, too.


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