by Suz

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Again in response to the 1001 challenge; 'What J/C scene would leave you happy when all is said and done? You'll have to keep it clean enough for television, of course, and it will have to be a relatively short scene, because the final episode is going to be packed full of stuff.'.

Imagine whatever you want to proceed this. Not quite a J/C, yet it is.


"He's asking to see you, Captain."

Of course he was. "Is he?"

"Actually he's...demanding to see you."

Amusement. Him? Demanding? Not deliberately, certainly. "Really?"

"Absolutely. In fact he said - and I quote - 'kindly tell her to get her ass out here in three minutes, or I'll get mine in there armed with free neck rubs, all the monkeys she could ever want, and an eighty-year supply of coffee.' He really means it, Captain."

She pondered the message for a few moments. "Only eighty-years worth?"

"Captain, I don't think you understand just how seriously he means this..."

"Of course I understand, Neelix."

"Then why am I the only one who you've allowed in here?"

Kathryn smiled at him sincerely. "Because it's easy with you, Neelix. I myself. I haven't been myself for years."

"Yes you have," He retorted, not unkindly, gaze affectionate. "You just haven't always liked what you've seen."

Her smile drooped a little. "There have been some particularly nasty days of looking in the mirror..."

"Forty-five seconds, Captain."

She studied her friend for a few of those seconds. "Okay, Neelix. Rather than make him barge in here, you'd better send him in."

"If you say so, but personally I think it would be far more romantic if you *let* him barge in."

"Not if you were in the room at the time."

"Good point," He conceded, turning to go.



"I want the truth here, okay? Honest. Unvarnished."


She paused.

"Does he still have that ridiculous dye in his hair?"

His eyes sparkled with delight. "No, Captain."

Kathryn's head thudded against the desk. God, she was doomed...


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