Cultivating A Sense Of Humour
by Suz

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Seven regarded the activity taking place on the holodeck with a large amount of scepticism. While she could see the benefits in keeping a child - such as Naomi Wildman - occupied until she had better learnt to school her thoughts and improve her concentration, she failed to understand while adults also seemed to enjoy the frivolous activity.

Although, she mused, the word 'adult' could rarely be applied to Ensigns Paris and Kim.

"Incoming!" Paris yelled enthusiastically, barely giving Ensign Kim the required time to move out of danger as he jumped into the big pile of leaves.

"Are you not planning on joining in, Seven?"

At the question, Seven turned and nodded an acknowledgement of greeting to Commander Chakotay. Turning back to survey Paris and Kim as they giggled and fell back onto the foliage, she allowed a faint frown to cross her brow. "I do not believe this activity will be particularly beneficial."

The Commander smiled. "Fun is always beneficial."

She failed to see how it could be regarded as fun, and let an arched eyebrow voice that opinion before she actually spoke. "Are you planning to take part in"

"Shortly," He grinned. "I'm just waiting for Tom and Harry to wear themselves out first. I don't want to get hurt."

Seven was about to ask him exactly what he meant when she realised he was joking. Nodding to the other side of the pile, she nodded. "The Captain is not taking part in the 'fun'."

An expression she could not identify passed over his features briefly, before he quickly removed it. "The Captain is having her own kind of fun, Seven."

"How so?"

"She is watching her crew enjoy themselves. To a Captain that brings its own kind of joy."

She did not understand. "If that is the case, then surely she would have more fun if she included herself in the activities she enjoys watching."

"Perhaps," the Commander responded slowly. "But she believes that because of her position she cannot always interact with the crew in that way."

Detecting something in his tone of voice, Seven scrutinised him closely. "You do not agree."

He displayed no emotion on his face. "It doesn't matter what I believe. She is the Captain."

"I do not believe that," She stated bluntly. "I believe that you want her to take part. I believe that you want her to enjoy herself. I believe that you are upset that she refuses to be closer to you." She could not understand why they refused to act on either of their emotions.

He stared at her, still showing no emotion, although his skin tone darkened rapidly. "You can believe what you want to believe Seven, but this conversation is out of line."

"Irrelevant," She almost barked, drawing some curious stares. Ignoring them and not quite understanding why she felt so frustrated and angry, she quickly walked over to the Captain.

Captain Janeway barely had time to get a greeting out when Seven wrapped her hand around the Captains arm and began pulling her.

"What are you doing?" The Captain asked, trying to pull away.

"I am making you have some fun." She did not pause as she turned her head to look at the Captain. "I am stronger than you; there is no point in struggling. futile." And although she was not sure why, she smiled.

"Seven, you won't be outside the cargo bay for a month because of this!"

"It will be worth it," The ex-Borg announced as she threw the Captain into the pile of leaves, just as Paris and Kim jumped out of the way.

Breathing heavily, Seven observed the reactions from the crewmembers present. Ensign Paris was smiling; Ensign Kim looked as if he didn't know if he should be smiling or hiding.

Captain Janeway was obviously very angry, trying to sit up.

Commander Chakotay still had no expression on his face.

Marching towards the Commander, she knew when he realised her intent as his eyes widened and he took a step in retreat. Allowing him no more than that step, she did as she had with the Captain: grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the leaves.

It was somewhat more difficult because of his body mass, but even so he was still no match for her strength. After a few moments he, too, landed in the large pile of leaves.

Spluttering, he sat up next to the Captain who was glaring at him before she moved the glare to Seven.

"Just what is the point of this little exercise?" The Captain asked angrily.

"Fun," Seven responded calmly. "The Commander informed me that having fun was beneficial. As Ensigns Paris and Kim obviously believe that leaping into foliage is fun, I concurred that you would also enjoy it. You will have fun," She informed them boldly, not acknowledging either Ensign Paris or Ensign Kim as they laughed or pulled leaves from their hair. Then, a new thought occurred to her. Both Captain Janeway and Lieutenant Torres had informed her on several occasions that she should 'work' on her sense of humour. Perhaps now was an appropriate time to cultivate it.

Standing proud, she thrust her chest forward, placed her hands on her hips and yelled "Do it!"

Regally swivelling, she promptly left the holodeck, Paris and Kim giggling at her heel.

The Commander had been correct. It may not have been entirely beneficial, but it


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