by Suz

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A moment frozen, forever. Expressions trapped, feelings conveyed in the sharing of smiles.

I do not remember the picture being taken.

I do not remember the Doctor being there.

I do not remember what day it was.

I remember your eyes, and the thought - somewhere in the back of my mind - that I was so utterly proud of my control.

I do not remember the picture being taken.

It is only now, as the Doctor displays the holographic image for another group of weary observers - myself included - that I see it. For the first time.

And I see it.

For the first time.

How absolutely...obvious.

I had thought...deluded myself into thinking...that I could hide the reaction. That I had somehow over the passing years developed an immunity, as it were. A cure, to at least remove the more obvious parts of how I felt about you.

You shift in your chair next to me, but say nothing.

I am not sure if I am relieved. Perhaps it would be good to finally have the confrontation after all this time.

The Doctor seems to linger over this picture, or perhaps that is simply my imagination. Perhaps my silent pleading for it to vanish is simply making it feel as if it's remaining there longer.

Yet...he has no commentary to go with this one, either. Nothing to say. Nothing to express.

Letting it speak for itself?

I hope not.

I pray not.

The room has fallen silent. No giggles. No smiles.

'Do something. DO something'.


The next picture. Neelix with a tomato. Nothing inflammatory.

The room sighs.

I close my eyes.

You shift in your chair.


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