Chia Prax
by Suz

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Okay, okay. I had a fab weekend but I finally had time to write this little thing that Friday told me to write. I hope you're happy .


"You miss him, don't you?"

Kashyk smiled at her words; smiled even more when he felt Kathryn wrap her arms around his waist, felt her body press closely against his back. Moving his hands away from their work, he covered hers. He studied the wall above the table, liking the heat of her breath on his bare skin.

He indulged the moment in silence, then spoke. "He did work for me for a great many years, Kathryn. I knew him for even more."

She kissed his back. "That wasn't a direct answer to my question."

Things were rarely direct. "Yes, I miss him." He answered, a grin playing across his face as he looked down at his mini-Prax. "What did you say this green...substance was called?"

Her arms tightened, briefly, and he felt her turn her head and rest it against him. "Chia." She whispered. "Chia."

"Chia," He repeated, allowing the word to fill his mouth, to escape easily in a tone somewhere between arrogance and humility. "I have to admit, when I saw the one of you in the airponics bay-"

"Entirely Tom's fault," Kathryn groaned, chuckling lightly.

"Even if it was," He continued. "I found the idea most intriguing. And...I find it...comforting." Pausing, he looked at the ceramic animal that had Prax's face and Chia sprouting out of its head and body. "Although it took a great amount of time to enter the specifications for his face into the computer."

"You picked an interesting form for his body."

He laughed briefly, almost silently, squeezing her hands. "That's entirely *your* fault."

"Mine?" She asked, sounding completely indignant.

He loved the sound of her like that. "When you told me about those animals of yours. Those gods-"


"-dogs of yours. The way you described them, they reminded me of Prax. Faithful. Loyal."

"They can also be playful and never stop barking. Does that sound like Prax?"

"You'd be surprised what he's like when he's had a few drinks."

Kathryn wrinkled her nose. "I'm not sure I could handle Prax being happy."

Removing his hands from hers, he touched the dog. "Either way, it seems appropriate." His hand brushed over the Chia. "He always kept his hair so short. So confined."

"Now *that* sounds like Prax," She murmured.

"He was also very good for relieving certain frustrations," Kashyk added, absently.

"Really?" Kathryn asked. "I should hope that you don't miss him for that reason anymore."

"You sound jealous."

She abruptly changed the subject, peering around his arm. "Looks like it's time for a haircut, don't you think?"

He nodded. "Looks like it." Grabbing her hands once more, he pulled them off his body and tugged her forward until they were side-by-side. Picking up the small scissors, he waited until her hand covered his and - together - they lowered the scissors towards the Chia.

Kathryn spoke. "Now, this won't hurt a bit, Prax."

When Kashyk looked at her, she grinned with a vindictive look.

"I promise."


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