by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

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'In a book or a face you will look for your place and you point to the sky and you don't know why.'


Who am I?

Their faces tell me.

I am their fearless leader, the woman who strives against adversity for their cause again and again, never faltering. I am wise, beautiful, and unable to get through the day without indulging in a little cup of coffee.

I am the woman who gave him a second chance. I am the woman he should hate for taking away some of what I gave him, but he cannot. It is not possible. I am his Captain. And sometimes, something more.

I am a companion. I am an old acquaintance, although 'old' is a relative term when accounting for the history of the Universe. I am often highly illogical, but my methods produce satisfactory results more often than not. I am what humans call 'stubborn'.

I am the woman who gave him his first chance. Pulling in an officer so fresh from the Academy that he barely knew which uniform to put on in the morning. I am the woman who took a risk to provide him with an opportunity. Despite all that occurred, he would not forget that.

I am a human female. Age: 46 Earth standard years. Designation: Captain. Use of birth name is not encouraged. I insist on providing information which I believe to be helpful but is frequently frustrating.

I am too hard on myself. Never getting enough rest or sleep, never eating properly or healthily. I am far too stressed and under too much pressure. I refuse to delegate, refuse to give the responsibility to someone else. I often forget that every member of my crew is a person.

I am Starfleet. Dominated by rules and regulations...but I gave her an opportunity, and she still cannot understand why. Even now, after all this time. I never take the time to talk to her anymore.

I am...


I forget that, some days.


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