A 38 Minute Collaboration
by Karma karma@neutronic.co.uk
and Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

Written on 21st September 1998, at Stowmarket train station, between 20:10 and 20:48.

That pretty much explains it...well I missed my train and we had to do *something* while we waited for the next one...hehehe.

Oh, and I apologise if there are any errors. My eyeballs feel like someone has been rubbing sand paper over them - Suz.

Disclaimer - they belong to Paramount. Pah.


The away team had been on the surface for seven hours and slowly the tired crew were beaming back one by one. The hard work had left Captain Janeway in an exhilirated state and well...she just wasn't herself.

"Let's run," she said, taking Chakotay by the hand. He didn't run too fast, being exhausted from the work they had been undertaking, and their hands quickly severed as the distance between them grew.

Chakotay stumbled slightly, his foot sticking in a particularly muddy puddle of water. The brown substance splashed over the legs of his uniform and seeped down into his boots. He didn't notice, or at least tried to ignore it.

His gaze at that moment was fixed on the woman in front of him who was rapidly getting further away. Chakotay had no idea she could run so well, and was trying to keep up so she wouldn't get lost.

Then he realised how stupid he was being. Coming to a halt, he finally became aware of the cold, sticky substance oozing between his toes and wrinkled his nose.

He tapped his com badge. "Chakotay to Janeway."

No effect. Something must be wrong with the ship's communications systems. He quickly and wearily assessed the situation. The ship would not leave without them and since communication was down, his first priority would be to keep up with Kathryn.

Kathryn. Her mood lately had been more jubilant. She seemed to making more of an effort to joke with him; even flirt with him. Even if it was only in good fun and not a serious advance, it made him feel more secure about their friendship at least.

Chakotay ran toward the black and red blur that was getting even smaller. He could hear a lilting, almost juvenile laughter floating on the wind toward him. He smiled and ran faster, closing the distance and laughing himself.

Soon, he was at her heels, running close enough that he had to take care not to trip her...but that's exactly what happened.


Kathryn found herself staring at the ground, which was rapidly approachingly in front of her face. She caught herself with her arms, rolling over just in time to see a large similarly dressed man come to rest next to her with an audible "oof."

Silence. Then uproarious laughter. They both held their stomachs for fear they would soon lost the contents.

Chakotay tapped his com badge. "Chakotay to Tuvok. I got her on the ground. Now what do I do?"

Kathryn became wide-eyed. "Chakotay!"

He continued talking. "Now I know you mentioned something about a 'logical bond', but Mr Paris suggested that if I ever managed to get the Captain on the floor next to me that I should try and 'get lucky'. Whatever that means."

By that time his humour had become absolutely impossible to contain and any further words he tried to produce emerged as loud gasps or chuckles.

Kathryn's mouth meanwhile, had formed a perfectly-shaped 'o' as her suspicion grew. Carefully closing her mouth, raising one eyebrow and slipping into her 'Captain' persona, she calmly tapped her com badge.

"Janeway to Tuvok. Please inform the Delaney sisters that they will be working their next duty shift with Commander Chakotay. I believe they would both benefit from the type of discipline only he can provide."

"Chakotay to Paris. Since I will be busy with the Delaney sisters, I need you to do something for me...I wanted to take the Captain to dinner but if you could take over, making sure you take your time over her and treat her like a lady...but I suppose you couldn't kiss her like I've wanted to for years...I'll have to take care of that after my shift..."

"Lieutenant, belay that order. You take care of the Delaney sisters - I think the Commander has previous business."

A crooked smile threatened to crawl off Janeway's right cheek. One look at Chakotay wiped it right off. He was leaning closer.

"Chakotay to Tuvok. No interruptions, please."

"As you wish, Commander," the stoic Vulcan's voice replied over the recently repaired com line.


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