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Newest fics at the bottom. All fics focus around the character of Harry Denby, usually with the pairing of Harry Denby/Diane Russell.

Shadow Puppets
A vignette bridging 'Joaquin' and 'Brothers'. Rated PG-13.

A Simple Product
Denby composes a letter that Diane will never read. Rated G.

Some Girlfriend
When the blonde woman turns up for the kid, Kate Mitchell asks where Denby is... PG-13.

A Scene of Some Familiarity
Waking up in an alleyway, Denby suffers a severe case of deja vu. PG-13.

Musings Of...
Someone or something in Denby's apartment awaits his return. Rated PG-13.

Something About Harry
Having just moved into a new apartment, Claire keeps in contact with her sister via e-mail. Telling her sibling about her everyday life, she begins to type about a mysterious neighbour known only as 'Harry'. Rated PG-13.

e-mail // URGE: a harry denby fansite // obsessions // livejournal

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